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What Is A Compact Travel Towel?

September 12, 2020

Have you ever finished packing for your flight in a couple hours and you’ve just managed to squeeze everything into your bag, only to realise you need to pack a towel too? Have you then gone through the motions of realising how bulky towels actually are? 

We’ve been through that too, and as we removed nicely folded t-shirt after t-shirt we started to ask ourselves why has the human race not thought of something better. Like this is coming from the planet that has sent people into space, harnessed energy from the sun, cured lethal diseases, and so on. So why are we so unable to make a compact towel that fits nicely when travelling?

Well, thanks to our Lazy Wombat towels, you no longer need to decide between taking a towel or taking enough underwear. Our towels are built with a special fabric blend, weaved in a unique way that means they pack up super compact. Unlike traditional towels that take up a boatload of space, our compact travel towels go from being extra large 180cm beach towels to tiny chunks of gold. It’s an almost unnatural feeling when you realise how compact they really get, since our brains are just so hardwired to see a towel and expect a bulky mess. 

You might ask why not just rent a towel when you’re there from wherever you’re staying? You could, but you’ll still run into bulky towel issues when you’re popping it in your backpack to head down to the beach. You’re also missing out on all the dope features our towels are engineered with.

Lazy Wombat towels also come with a nifty carry bag that snuggly looks after your towel like a burrito. On top of that, they’re sand free, quick drying and ultra absorbent. What that leaves you with is the ultimate answer to the age old question of why towels suck. With the cheeky designs too, you’ll be the envy of any cobber in any country (and you’ll have space for enough undies too). You deserve this - shop now

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