Three Lazy Wombat sand free beach towels with avocado, coffee, beer and turtles, folded and compact

Towel Tech

Game Changer

Towel and tech aren’t two words you’d expect to go together, but that’s been the problem since towels first became a thing. The towels out there take too long to dry, they get covered in sand, they’re bulky, and yet unless you’re a fun-sized individual they’re always too damn small.

You Beauty!

We use a microfibre blend in our towels that means they do what towels should have been doing for the last few centuries. Sand free, compact, fast drying and spacious, do you want to level up your towel game or not?

Yes. Yes I do

The Science

Lazy Wombat towel tech blueprint displaying sand free, quick dry, compact and absorbent features including travel bag

It'd Be Rude Not To

Most importantly these features were all made with you, our customer, in mind. Our towels are built for the Aussie summer and for real people. So, say goodbye to a permanently damp towel. Say hooroo to that gross wet sand on your bathroom floor. 

Say g’day to a Lazy Wombat